What Makes Kiki Bird Fly


Imagination. Passion. Flight.

These are what fuels Kim Girouard when she is creating Kiki Bird Jewelry, a process that lets her imagination run free as she handcrafts each piece with love. Kim’s ongoing creative journey has taken her to fold forming jewelry––a technique that produces pieces of wearable art that are playful yet polished, spontaneous yet sophisticated.

The Jewelry

In Kim’s hands, a blank sheet of copper takes on new life, as Kim exercises her latest creative adventure in folding, texturing, forging, crimping, and annealing. These elements come together to make each piece of Kiki Bird Jewelry a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Kim's creative process is organic and intuitive, taking place naturally (and some might say almost magically), without sketching out of concepts. Kim says she has no conscious forethought of the end design she will be creating, and quips that "There is no method to my madness!" Rather, once she has the copper in hand, she allows her imagination to be directed by the materials in front of her as they take shape, as if flowing naturally from her fingertips.

It is then, as imagination and passion come together in tangible form, that Kiki Bird Jewelry takes flight.


The Artist

Before discovering the lure of fold forming, Kim’s artistic bent took her from beading to brass, finding how much working with the natural, earthy metal components appealed to her. Kim’s brass jewelry received an enthusiastic response at flea markets, encouraging her to enter craft markets and juried art shows. Art galleries and commissions followed, as well as first place in a jewelry competition.

“A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” – Maya Angelou

Kim’s artistic direction changed dramatically when she learned about copper fold forming, and found that she savored the experience of complete formation of a wearable work of art from a blank sheet of metal to finished piece of beautiful art. “Even though it’s called ‘fold forming,’” Kim says, “In a way, for me, it’s more like allowing  a secret treasure hidden inside the copper sheet to unfold into something unexpected and special. I find that discovery very exciting.”  

Maya Angelou said. “A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”  As she continues to push the boundaries of creative expression for artistic adornment, Kim makes sure to keep Kiki Bird singing. 

.  .  .


Kim splits her time between historic Rockton, Illinois, by the beautiful Rock River, and idyllic Three Lakes, Wisconsin. An elementary school teacher and former police officer, Kim shares her creative life with her husband Joe, a 911 dispatcher and volunteer firefighter, and Bella, a spoiled English bulldog.

Kiki Bird Jewelry has been featured at the galleries, juried art festivals and celebrity events below.
For current galleries please go to the Art Galleries page, and check out Upcoming Events here.


  • Creative Soul, Green Lake, Wisconsin

  • Northern Memories, St. Germain, Wisconsin

  • Artificium Gallery, Rockford, Illinois

  • Z Place Gallery, Ironwood, Michigan


  • A Walk in the Woods, St. Germain, Wisconsin

  • Artarama, Eagle River, Wisconsin

  • After Loon Delight, Minocqua, Wisconsin

  • Rockford Art Show, Rockford, Illinois

  • A Local Holiday Market, Rockford, Illinois


  • Kiki Bird Jewelry was part of the official gift bag lounge for The 46th Annual CMA Awards.

  • Kiki Bird Jewelry was part of the 40th Annual American Music Awards

  • Seen on TV's The Vampire Diaries


  • The Artisan Group (past affiliation)

  • Rockford Arts Guild

  • Rockford Area Arts Council

  • Winnebago Buy Local